Galactic Dreams

I’ll begin with my most recent paintings…

AND I DWELL - 1 (1)

Orion’s Defeat

13.25″ x 15″-16″ x .5″ 

Acrylic on Discarded plywood scrap

The Hebrew on the sort of step pyramid is from Psalm 23

“And I shall dwell in God’s house…”


Acrylic on asymmetric reclaimed plywood scrap 9.5”-10” x 13.5” x 3.75”

Crystal Castle - 2

Pleiadian Dream                                                                                                            11.15

Acrylic on reclaimed plywood scrap

13.5″ x 10″ at widest upper edge x 3.75

The bottom photo is taken at a slightly different angle which alters the transparency of the metallic paint used.

Galactic Pinwheel

Galactic Pinwheel                                                                                                        10.15

Acrylic on reclaimed plywood. 13.5″ x 10″ at widest lower edge x 3.75″

This is the next to most recent painting done last month.

The size is the same as above except the narrow width is at the top, which is usually how I use this shape.

This one I really like a lot. The contrast works better for me than the above.

The circle/sphere/disc shows up in all my paintings. I began using this shape on my pottery while living on Orcas Island. It has many meanings, which I have not been consciously aware of until recently. That can be another post!


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