Spotted Owl Sage – Poem

Spotted Owl

August 2015

Spotted Owl Sage               


Wandering through

Nearby forest trails


Those trees for the first time

Each their own I sensed


Magnificent spirit presence

Towering above, watching


My passing by below

As something to my left


Rustled in the brush, sounding

Larger than the usual bird


To my awe and delight

An owl took off in flight!


“Follow me”, it said, landing

On a tree branch up ahead


Allowing me to come near

Take some photos, and even


Pass right underneath

For a better view and silent gaze


Giant black eyes into me

Reassuringly, that all is well


To continue on my path

Going deeper, within, my own


Trusting wisdom knowing heart


With that it flew off again

Its presence and presents


Embedded satisfyingly upon

My memory, for faith worn days


Of my own often awkward

Feather rustling flight


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