Holy Chutzpah

Holy Chutzpah

In the universe of my mind I felt
Pressing upon me through me
I zoned in to find the culprit
And raised my sword defiantly
With eons old vengeance I swung
First at demons menacing nearby
Then I ventured further in imagining
Ancient Orthodox tribunals and modern day Imams
I slashed away their heads, then onward went
Christian, Hindu and whatever, authorities 
Proclaiming power and control 
To feed their own aggrandizement pit
Off in one fell swoop their heads did enter Hell
Next the politicians, their two faced heads 
Guillotined, lying smiles now aghast
Why I’m on a roll, a Holy chutzpah role!
And as the heads flew off I saw
The hollowness within them all
Merely empty props they are
Perfectly staged characters partaking of
This magnificent and horrendous
Divine dream in which we all perform
So flawlessly without a clue
Yet always right on cue
It may seem all rather violent yet
There are these heightened times
When love the job won’t do



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