Statement of Intent

ME 8.17.146

I AM finally starting a blog as a place to express and share the multifaceted and multidimensional aspects of myself. I will attempt to include much of my poetry and visual art from the earliest to the most recent. Another thread that is woven through the tapestry of my life thus far is fashion. I love style and have in the past created and sold my own lines of boutique clothing.  I would also like to interweave my spiritual journey, truth gatherings, and other musings with the ongoing creative expressions of past through present. I have lived on three continents thus far in this incarnation and will indicate location on posts when it is not my current Seattle residence. 

HaHaHa! How many months ago did I write this? Ohhhh, there it says to the left- posted 6 months ago.

So is life going. Much inspiration and great difficulty in follow through. It’s not helpful that I can’t figure out the format here and how to create different segments for various topics and mediums. I wonder sometimes if I am just moving from the necessity and habit of creating in the realm of 3-D to traversing the mind realms of gathering knowledge and sorting Truth from dross.



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